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San Antonio Medicine | April 2016 Issue

Blood Donation and the Lifesaving Message of Donation

Have you picked up a copy of the Transplants and Transfusions edition of San Antonio Medicine magazine? Read more about how BioBridge Global's subsidiaries contribute to the most common transplant in medicine.

San Antonio Medicine | April 2016 Issue

Everything You Want to Know About Platelets

Ever wanted to know more about platelets? Check out the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center's article in San Antonio Magazine

San Antonio Woman | Sept/Oct 2014 Issue

We are pleased to announce that BioBridge Global is featured in the September/October 2014 edition of San Antonio Woman magazine. 

Please click through our 16-page insert to learn more about our organization and the services we offer to support our focus on regenerative medicine for our global clients. 


Valentina's Story

Diagnosed with severe combined immunodeficiency disorder (SCID) as an infant, Valentina DeLeon's only hope for a cure was a cord blood transplant. Thanks to GenCure's Texas Cord Blood Bank, Valentina received a cord blood transplant in April 2011, and she’s been a healthy girl ever since.

We Are BioBridge Global

BioBridge Global (BBG) is a nonprofit company that oversees and supports the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, QualTex Laboratories, GenCure, and The Blood and Tissue Center Foundation. For more than 40 years, our team of dedicated professionals has made lifesaving connections. Watch this video to discover how our diverse services bridge critical medical industry needs with innovative solutions.

A Donor's Story

What is the gift of stem cell donation really like? Watch this very special transplant story, as told through the letters exchanged between a patient and her donor.