While Peyton battled leukemia, his mother is grateful for blood donors who helped save his life.
Maria made her way to the Donor Pavilion to personally thank the people for saving her life.
Thanks to blood donors, Vanessa survived a car accident and continues to donate blood today.
Col. Holmes' life was saved by cord blood. Two babies, whom he will likely never know, saved his life.
With the help of blood donors, Mazirik survived his first few days of life.
Mary had the opportunity to save a little girl's life with the gift of marrow. As a mother, her instinct was to help this child.
Kia will always be grateful for the generous tissue donor & doctor who put her life back together again.
Aida Cordeau
Little Aida was diagnosed with leukemia in October 2013. For weeks, her mother Kristi could not understand why her daughter had such a persistent fever.