Aida Cordeau

Aida Cordeau

Aida Cordeau is an adorable 5-year-old child who loves to giggle. She enjoys jigsaw puzzles of hummingbirds and butterflies, and Cinderella coloring books. Like most little girls, she also has fun playing house with her dolls. Recently, she received a special doll. This doll does not have hair.

Little Aida was diagnosed with leukemia in October 2013. For weeks, her mother Kristi could not understand why her daughter had such a persistent fever. Aida had received numerous medical exams that produced three different diagnoses and treatments, but no improvement. Aida continued feeling feverish, exhausted and in pain.

Kristi, an LVN, grew tired of the seemingly endless round of medicines, and visits to doctors and emergency rooms. She felt that something else needed to be done to uncover the reason behind her child’s condition.

Late one night, Kristi looked over two weeks’ worth of charts and lab reports on Aida. She saw a fearful pattern. “My daughter has leukemia,” she said. Shortly after, an MRI revealed multiple lesions on her spine and a pediatric oncologist confirmed her verdict: acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

As a precaution, Aida received a blood transfusion prior to a bone marrow aspiration procedure. She has started chemotherapy and has spent several days in the hospital. She often aches and feels sad. At times, the pain in her bones makes her feel uncomfortable and restless.

Aida is home schooled by the district. Her two dogs help keep her company during the day while her twin sister Kallison attends kindergarten. When Aida is healthy she loves dancing, gymnastics, and walks with her father. She adores animals, reading and play time in the park.

Aida may receive more blood in the months ahead, a common need for chemotherapy patients. Her parents are grateful for all those who donate.

Kristi said, “We were advocates for blood donation before we knew our child would need it.”  Kristi and her husband Brian have a passion to serve others. Both are regular blood donors and have registered with The Be The Match registry of the National Marrow Donor Program. Kristi has a simple outlook on blood donation:  “You have it. Someone needs it. Go do it.”

When the news of Aida’s illness began circulating, friends and the Cordeau’s church family immediately rallied to help.  Several have set up blood drives in Aida’s honor. Kristi is grateful for the donations in Aida’s name. But she also knows her daughter is not the only one. “It’s not just about her, but all those like her. Maybe they happen to know Aida, but there are others who need blood, too.”