Donate platelets and make a difference

May 11, 2020

If you have certain blood types, we may ask you to make a different kind of donation the next time you visit one of our donor rooms or drives – platelets. 

Platelets are the part of your blood that clot and help stop leaks. Because their storage time is the shortest of any blood component, they’re always in high demand by hospitals. 

Donating platelets typically takes about two hours, from the time you check in for your appointment to the snacks at the end, about the time to watch the typical Hollywood blockbuster. 

Here’s who you’ll help with a platelet donation: 

  • 39% of platelets go for inpatient care, including cancer patients 
  • 19% go to critical care patients 
  • 16% go to outpatient and non-acute inpatient care 
  • 15% go to surgery patients, including transplants 
  • 5% go to patients in emergency rooms 
  • 4% go to children 
  • 2% go to premature babies 
  • 1% go to new mothers 

The numbers are from the latest national blood survey, compiled and published by the American Association of Blood Banks. Over the past two years, the number of transfusions for new mothers increased by 29.5% and emergency room transfusions by 19.9%. 

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