Make 2011 about saving lives and staying healthy

January 17, 2011
We're celebrating National Blood Donor Month and encouraging you to join the thousands who already give the gift of life. You can start the New Year by saving a life and by monitoring your health through the Wellness Rewards Program. Start donating and earn points to redeem or pass on to family and friends later this year for select health screenings as part of our goal to bring healthier choices to donors across South Texas. Your donation is always greatly appreciated but even more so during the holiday season when the blood supply tends to become inadequate. The winter break has proven to be a difficult time to collect life saving components for blood centers across the country. In South Texas one factor leading to a lack of donations is that 18 percent of the blood supply comes from high schools, colleges and trade schools who are currently on break. We supply over 100 hospitals and clinics throughout 43 South Texas Counties to patients who depend on life saving blood products. To adequately supply the hospitals, 600 units need to be collected daily. Make an appointment to donate and encourage others to start the new year by saving lives and start taking care of yours!