National Blood Donor Month Series: Jaxson Martinez

Because of generous blood donors, Jaxson was able to fight cancer.
January 6, 2020

jaxson_patient_nbdmFor seven days, 2-year-old Jaxson was pale with fever, swelling to his left temple and redness and protrusion of his left eye.

“After visiting five doctors in seven days with two trips to the ER, Jaxson’s pediatrician decided to send him back to the hospital for lab work and a CT of his head at our request,” said Juan Martinez, Jaxson’s father.

Within an hour, the family received the call no parent ever wants to get. “The results are back, and the doctor wants to speak to both of us immediately.” The labs showed a low red blood cell count and low platelets, and the scan showed Jaxson had a tumor the size of a ping pong ball causing the swelling to his left temple and the symptoms.

The family, who’s from Uvalde, packed up some clothes that night and drove to Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio. Jaxson underwent another CT scan of his head, chest, abdomen and pelvis, checking for other tumors or masses. To get his blood count up, Jaxson also received several transfusions.

Then the family received further bad news: A second tumor was found in his abdomen. “I have seen a few CT scans in my career as an EMT, and this mass literally looked like a third lung,” Juan said.

For the next year, Jaxson underwent seven rounds of chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, resection (tumor removal), 12 rounds of radiation and more than 30 blood transfusions. 

Jaxson had a full response to chemotherapy and saw a reduction of 90 percent to the tumor in his abdomen and 100 percent to the tumor in his head. 

Jaxson is currently in remission. He's now a happy third grader and a big brother. His family credits the support of countless prayers and of the doctors, nurses and many others – including blood donors – for saving Jaxson’s life. 

The family thanks blood donors for helping save Jaxson's life

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