National Blood Donor Month Series: Ron White

Because of generous blood donors like Ron, we are able to make a difference in our community
January 13, 2020

Ron White donated blood for the first time at 17, and his donations have been saving lives ever since.


Ron donated blood to fellow injured soldiers when he served in the Vietnam War.

After the war, he began donating platelets when asked to donate on behalf of his coworker’s ill sister.

In between, Ron continued donating while he accomplished another milestone—a career as a professional bowler. He recorded 28 perfect games and even owned a bowling alley.

Eventually, Ron considered taking a break from donating. Then he met River Laurence, a 5-year-old boy with a rare form of cancer.

“Our church held a lot of blood drives for him,” said Ron. “He passed two weeks after his fifth birthday. He was the bravest kid I have ever met.”

He keeps donating to give hope to kids like River and the chance for them to live another day.

“I’m happy knowing that I save the life of at least one person when I donate,” said Ron.

Ron recently was honored for donating 125 gallons, which means he has helped save more than 3,000 lives.

To become a donor like Ron, schedule a blood donation by visiting or calling 210-731-5590.

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