R&D develops BBG capabilities

Breaking down acronyms with the experts who work with them day in and day out
March 18, 2019

Scott Jones, Vice President of Scientific Affairs, helps BioBridge Global and its subsidiaries ensure R&D (research and development) develops processes and products that generate business opportunities. He answers the basic question – “What is R&D?”

What is R&D?

The “R” in R&D stands for research, and the “D” stands for development. BBG uses basic and applied research to discover a solution to a problem or create a new product. We perform the appropriate work and processes for the solution or new product. 

Our focus is to take knowledge or technologies from the scientific community and apply them to solve problems or develop new products at BBG. Here at BBG, we perform more development than research, and the form of research we focus on is applied research rather than basic research.

The R&D process involves multiple steps:

  • Create the idea for a new product or solution
  • Create the concept, feasibility and design
  • Perform the appropriate, pre-commercialization studies
  • Conduct a post-launch review to analyze performance

Our organization has a well-defined stage-gate process for new product development, developed in-house by GenCure and managed by Corey Levenson, Director of New Products and Science Development, and Pamela Brown Baer, GenCure Vice President of Operations.

Our core competencies in R&D are scalability, reproducibility and commercialization.

For scalability, we take processes developed in an academic setting and modify them so they work well in the production environments of South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, GenCure and QualTex Laboratories

For reproducibility, we develop the processes to be cGMP compliant and implement the appropriate controls to get the desired outcome or product every time it is performed. 

We support commercialization by working with regulatory agencies like the Food and Drug Administration, so processes or products can be approved and used for commercial use.

The development of new testing assays, tissue products, blood derivatives and other products will generate new business opportunities. R&D is here to support the growth of our business units and help reach our goal of becoming operationally self-sufficient.

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