Talented high schoolers making a difference at regional science fair

May 6, 2019

This year’s Alamo Regional Science & Engineering Fair was March 1-3 at St. Mary's University. The fair is a competition for junior and senior high school kids from 32 counties around San Antonio, and it is sponsored by the Alamo Regional Academy of Science and Engineering.

This year, 10 judges from BioBridge Global reviewed more than 200 projects in four hours. The team selected the top three projects that represent our ASPIRE core values and support our mission of saving and enhancing lives through the healing power of human cells and tissue.

These are the projects of the BioBridge Global award recipients for 2019:

  • Third place was awarded to Isabella Elmore under the biochemistry category. She created a strain of bacteria with a gene that can help find explosives safely. She is a senior at San Marcos High School.
  • Second place was awarded to Suran Somawardana under the environmental category. He built algae bioreactors and a system for adding carbon dioxide to the bioreactors. He is a freshman at BASIS San Antonio - Shavano Campus.
  • First place was awarded to Hannah Taylor under the botany category. She developed an aeration process for preserving cut flowers. She is a senior at Agriscience Magnet Program at James Madison High School.

Scott Jones, Vice President of Scientific Affairs at BioBridge Global, said these are just three examples of amazing projects that the kids at the fair are doing, along with the hundreds of other incredible ideas and projects he has seen from other fairs he has attended this year.

Volunteer judges for 2019 were Ken Doyle, Jack Hager, Karen Leighton, Michael Veliz, Emmanuel Casasola, Gianluca Chaffey, Anand Srinivasan, Neohli Ramos, Oluwaseyi Abegunde and Scott Jones.

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