CEO, BioBridge Global

Martin “Marty” J. Landon has 30 years of experience in the health care industry. Landon has held senior positions in public and private companies and is recognized for building and leading high-performance teams and value-creating initiatives. In 2016, he joined BioBridge Global as chief executive officer.

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Sr. Vice President, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Beddard joined South Texas Blood & Tissue Center as the VP, Medical Affairs on August 2007. Prior to joining our organization, she worked for Johns Hopkins University as an Immunology Laboratory Research Associate, Tidewater Blood Research Laboratory, as the Medical Director, and Texas Cord Blood Bank, as the Medical Director. 

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Sr. Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer

Granville has 30 years of experience in operations, manufacturing, services, quality, safety, and process improvement and has successfully guided teams across multiple global locations, driven revenue growth and ensured excellence in service delivery.

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Sr. Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, GenCure

Becky Cap, a 20-year veteran of the life sciences industry, was named chief operating officer of San Antonio-based GenCure in February, 2016. GenCure, a subsidiary of BioBridge Global, is focused on providing and developing regenerative medicine and cellular therapy products. GenCure’s mission is to realize the potential of donated human cells and tissue to save and enhance lives.

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Sr. Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, QualTex Laboratories

Ward Carter was named COO of QualTex Laboratories in February 2016. Carter had more than 31 years of experience in the laboratory diagnostics division with Abbott Laboratories, with a longtime emphasis on sales, sales management, product development, commercial operations and customer service.

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Sr. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Glenn Kues joined BioBridge Global in December 2017. Glenn has over 35 years of experience in finance, operations, and technology. Most recently, Glenn was Chief Financial Officer for San Antonio based Renaissance Pharmaceuticals/DPT Laboratories, an integrated pharmaceutical company with both proprietary products and CDMO services.

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Sr. Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, South Texas Blood & Tissue Center

Elizabeth Waltman joined the organization in January, 2013. Waltman manages all areas of blood operations, including the departments of donor services, donor recruitment, product management, component laboratory, hospital services and operations integration, as well as the Victoria facility.

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Sr. Vice President, General Counsel, & Chief Compliance Officer

Richey Wyatt joined BioBridge Global on November 30, 2017. Richey has an extensive legal background, first as a corporate attorney with the law firm Strasburger & Price, LLP (formerly Oppenheimer, Blend, Harrison and Tate, Inc.), where he was a partner and subsequently as Sr. VP and General Counsel for a group of health care related entrepreneurial ventures.

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