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The genesis of The Blood & Tissue Center Foundation dates to Valentine’s Day in 1993, when dignitaries gathered for groundbreaking ceremonies of the new South Texas Blood & Tissue Center headquarters on Interstate 10 West. With rapid population growth in South Texas and the center’s expanding mission, the community blood center needed a way to raise money on an ongoing basis. Community leaders began to meet regularly in December 2001, and The Foundation was established in September 2002. 

The Foundation History

Texas Gov. Rick Perry signs a bill establishing the Texas Cord Blood Bank
South Texas Blood & Tissue Center recognizes the need for a fundraising entity to support the blood bank and its mission
The Blood & Tissue Foundation charter is filed and established
The Foundation board of directors, made up of approximately 40 community leaders, meets for the first time
The Foundation holds its first Red and White Ball, raising funds for the Texas Cord Blood Bank

Legally, The Blood & Tissue Center Foundation began on Aug. 19, 2002, when a charter was filed with the state of Texas. But the origins date to Valentine’s Day 1993, when a group of local dignitaries and officials of the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center broke ground on a new facility on Interstate 10. The date was symbolic because the double hearts had been the organization’s logo for more than 20 years, including its time in the 1920s-era YWCA building in downtown San Antonio.

The new facility opened in 1994 with 80,000 square feet of space that included a state-of-the-art laboratory, donor collection rooms, offices and meeting spaces. It was financed in large part by a tax-exempt bond financed by USAA. A 40,000-square-foot addition to the facility in 2001 led to a capital campaign, which was led by Mary Beth Fisk, vice president of education and outreach. Among the many people she contacted during her search was Dr. Russ Norman, one of the key contributors to the founding of the Cancer Therapy and Research Center (CTRC) in San Antonio. The two became friends, and one day, Norman gave Fisk the idea of The Foundation. “Mary Beth,” he told her, “you need to have a foundation that raises money on an ongoing basis, not just a capital campaign, for the blood bank.” And so, beginning in December 2001, Norman and his wife Karen, along with local attorney Mike Kreager and his wife Emily, began meeting on a monthly basis.

The group soon added Dennis Stahl and the blood center’s CEO, Norman Kalmin. In September 2002, about 40 people committed to join the newly chartered foundation’s board, and the first meeting was conducted in October 2002. Two events helped transform The Foundation in its early days. First, a group of women on the board decided to hold a ball to raise funds. The first Red and White Ball had the theme “Fire and Ice,” and since then, it has become one of the highlights of social life in San Antonio. The second event was the founding of what became known as the Texas Cord Blood Bank. The TCBB was established with a $1 million grant from the state of Texas, and an additional $3.5 million public-private match from the state was set up later. Matching that grant led to the creation, funding and expansion of the TCBB, the state repository for stem cell donations.

The Foundation has continued to raise funds since then, funding projects in STBTC and GenCure. To date, The Foundation has brought in more than $30 million.

  • 2019: Cindy & David Schneider
  • 2017-2018: Mary & Steve Brook
  • 2016: Emily & Rich Reynolds
  • 2015: Laurie & Michael Kaplan, Allison & Danny Kustoff
  • 2014: Rose Marie & Buddy Banack
  • 2012-2013: Karen Heintz
  • 2011: Lori & Mark Wright
  • 2009-2010: Nancy & Vernon Torgerson Jr.
  • 2008-2009: Dennis Stahl
  • 2007-2008: Dr. Kelley & Pat Frost
  • 2006-2007: Louise & Mike Beldon
  • 2005-2006: Alethea Bugg
  • 2002-2005: Emilie & Mike Kreager, Karen & Dr. Russ Norman
  • 2019 Mary & Steve Brook
  • 2018 Rose Marie & Emerson “Buddy” Banack
  • 2017 DOCUmation/Lou Scantland (board members Jane Coelho, Michael Kaplan)
  • 2016 Margie & Sam O’Krent
  • 2015 Karen Heintz
  • 2014 Dr. Kelley & Pat Frost
  • 2013 Lori & Mark Wright
  • 2012 Nancy & Vernon Torgerson Jr.
  • 2011 Dennis Stahl
  • 2010 Louise & Michael Beldon
  • 2009 Dedicated to Dr. Rus C. Norman
  • 2008 Elizabeth Ames Jones
  • 2007 Emilie & Michael Kreager
  • 2019 Valero
  • 2018 Methodist Healthcare Ministries
  • 2019 Mary & Steve Brook, Patrick & Claire Rouse
  • 2018 Meredith & David Alvarez
  • 2017 Ginny & Art Bennert
  • 2016 Cindy & David Schneider, Kyra & Carl Bush
  • 2015 Sherry & Laird McNeil
  • 2014 Beverly Purcell Guerra & Dr. Fernando Guerra, Kim & Dr. Michael Fischer
  • 2013 Laurie & Michael Kaplan, Allison & Danny Kustoff
  • 2012 Laurie & Michael Kaplan, Allison & Danny Kustoff
    Veronica & Dr. John Boldt (honorary co-chairs), Mertie & Dr. Dale Wood (Honorary co-chairs
  • 2011 Margie & Sam O’Krent
  • 2010 Kim & Dr. Michael Fischer, Beverly Purcell Guerra & Dr. Fernando A. Guerra
  • 2009 Helen West, Karen Norman (honorary chair)
  • 2008 Karen & Phil Heintz, Lori & Mark Wright
  • 2007 Dee Ann & Skinner Simpson, Nancy & Vernon Torgerson Jr.
  • 2006 Gloria & Fully Clingman, Caroline & Larry Walker
  • 2005 Dr. Kelley & Pat Frost
  • 2004 Diana & Daniel Dupré, Loretta & Jim Patterson
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Foundation Staff

Clay Howell

Director, Development BioBridge Global

Mary Dial

Manager, The Blood & Tissue Center Foundation

Adriana Estrada

Development Specialist, BioBridge Global

Mary Uhlig​

Executive Director, The Blood & Tissue Center Foundation, and BioBridge Global Community Affairs

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2020 Board of Directors

Ginny & Art Bennert

Chairmen Elect
Claire & Patrick Rouse

Immediate Past Chairs
Cindy & David Schneider

Jeanne Bennett

Mary Brook

Vice Chair Fundraising:
Allison De Paoli

Vice Chair Membership
Evita Morin

Vice Chair Outreach
Stephanie Stephens

Members at Large
Meredith & David Alvarez
Morgan Bertram
Jane Coelho
Lilly Gretzinger

Executive Director
Mary Uhlig

Board of Directors

Dr. Alaina & Brad Adams 

Rose Marie Banack 

Louise & Michael Beldon 

Kristen Schneider Boerger 

Holli & Greg Brunsman    

Alethea Bugg 

Cathy & Frank Burzik 

Kyra & Carl Bush 

Beverly Carter 

Dr. Charles B. Christian, Jr.  

Helen Coronado 

Diane Craig 

Kelli & Mike Cubeta 

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Valerie & Ron Finch 

Kim & Dr. Michael Fischer 

Dr. Kelley & Pat Frost 

Jackie & Bill Goetz 

Denise Gross 

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Beverly Purcell & 

Dr. Fernando A. Guerra 

Rhonda Gurinsky 

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Lorelei Helmke 

Rebecca Hermanson 

Teresa Hines 

Will Holshouser 

Laurie & Michael Kaplan 

Dr. Margaret A. Kelley 

Faisal Khan 

Mike Kreager 

Allison & Danny Kustoff 

Leanne & Ryan Lammert 

Denise Landon 

Phil McKinney 

Ann & Dr. Travis McAlister 

Emily & Brad McMurray 

Yona & Dr. Tom McNish 

Jude Morin 

Sydney & Gregg Muenster      

Margie & Sam O’Krent    

Elaine Palance 

Loretta Patterson 

Emily & Rich Reynolds  

Cindy & David Schneider 

Erin Nichols Schulz 

Dawn Schwarz 

James & Pamela Perez Smothers 

Elizabeth & Scott Stephens 

Rose Urbanczyk 

Dr. Jay Weinberg 

Adam Wetherell 

Shannon & Dr. Matt Windrow 

Judge Genie Wright 

Dr. Annette Zaharoff 

Dick Zucker 


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