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Setting a goal: Make 24 donations in a year

BioBridge Global employee Ken Doyle continues family legacy

Last year, Ken Doyle gave blood 10 times. This year’s goal is substantially higher: 24 platelets donations.

“My mother and father used to donate, and I think it is nice to continue that legacy,” said Doyle, an Instructional Designer with BioBridge Global Human Resources and Learning. “I don’t personally know of anyone that needs a blood donation, but I know of people’s needs, so I donate on behalf of those in my heart and in my memories.”

Pandemic motivations

With the COVID-19 pandemic, blood supplies have been tested across the country. In some places, one- to two-week blood inventories quickly dropped to one-to two-day inventories during the early days of the outbreak. Those shortages just make Doyle want to keep donating.

Like all donors, he schedules his donations in advance and fills out a pre-donation health questionnaire electronically the day of his donation to save time. Platelets are replenished within seven to eight days, so he can schedule a donation every two weeks.

“If I stick to it, then there will be a lot of people who will benefit from it, and the positive will be that 24 people could live a little longer or could be healed,” he said.

Quick distribution of a lifesaving donation

Elizabeth Waltman, Chief Operating Officer at South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, said Doyle is one of the organization’s best platelet donors.

“Ken is actually going to be helping someone in less than 48 hours whose platelets will be at some hospital ready to be transfused into a patient and help them save their lives,” she said.

To schedule a blood donation, please 210-731-5590 or visit

The story was prepared by students at Our Lady of the Lake University as part of a service-learning course.

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