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Beat the flu and help patients, too: Get a flu shot

The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center encourages South Texans now more than ever to get a flu shot this year.

A flu vaccine makes a big difference in protecting others and slowing the spread of another deadly respiratory disease during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Donors can give blood after receiving a flu shot, provided they feel healthy at the time of donation.

The need for blood donations is vital this fall, as the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the community blood supply has led to an ongoing blood shortage and delayed treatments in South Texas and the nation.

More than 8,500 donations have been lost this fall and more than 1,000 drives have been cancelled this year.

Donors can call 210-731-5590, or visit SouthTexasBlood.org to make an appointment at one of the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center’s seven donor rooms or at a blood drive.

San Antonio Metropolitan Health is also offering free flu vaccines by appointment at its two immunization clinics and drive-thru clinics around the city. Vaccines also are covered by most health insurance at no cost at doctors’ offices and some pharmacies.