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Blood centers across nation report critical shortages

Independent blood centers from coast to coast are facing critical shortages, according to information compiled by their trade association.

Of the 59 organizations in America’s Blood Centers, which includes the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, just 12% are reporting what is considered a normal level on blood available for patients – enough to meet needs for three or more days.

Centers reporting a two-day supply are considered to be running low and need donors.

Those with one day’s supply or less are considered critically low and need donors immediately.

In a recent survey, 20% of centers reporting their statistics were at one day’s supply or less.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, South Texas Blood & Tissue Center averaged around a 1-2 days supply for all blood types.

Current shortages are blamed on fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic: Canceled drives at schools, colleges, churches and businesses, which make up large portions of donations in a typical year.

Blood shortages mean doctors and hospitals are forced to delay treatments and make difficult decisions about who should receive a transfusion.

The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center needs donors to schedule appointments as soon as possible. Donors can visit SouthTexasBlood.org/Give or call 210-731-5590 to make an appointment at a donor room or blood drive.

Donors also can give at the University Hospital Blood Donor Room. To schedule an appointment with University Hospital, call 210-358-2812 or visit DonateBloodToday.com.