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San Antonio twins give blood together

It’s never too late to help others – or too early. 

Twins Sarah and Rebecca Gresham grabbed an opportunity to help as soon as they were able, signing up to give blood after hearing that a drive at Johnson High School was accepting students 16 and older. 

Their inspiration came from their mother, Dr. Rachel Beddard who is the Chief Medical Officer at BioBridge Global, the parent organization of the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center. She regularly tells them about the importance of blood and what could happen in their community when it becomes scarce.  

“I know how bad blood shortages can be,” Rebecca said. “Sometimes, simply because people don’t donate, people in hospitals can die or can’t get the procedures they need. I donated because I wanted to make a difference and give someone a second chance.” 

“I wanted to donate blood because I knew that every unit goes towards bettering or extending the lives of people in my community,” Sarah said. “It is one of the easiest and safest ways to help others and save lives.” 

Just like anyone else who decides to donate for the first time, they were apprehensive about the process. But once at the drive, they felt close with the staff and recognized they were in a safe environment. 

“I was nervous at first, but the staff were so sweet and comforting that they made the experience painless and totally worthwhile,” Sarah said. 

Not only did they find the process easy, they also learned health information about themselves, including their blood type. 

They now have been donating for about six months, with no plans on stopping anytime soon.