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Myths and facts about giving blood ‘one more time’

Here are some myths and realities about the number of times you can donate blood:

Myth: I can only give blood once a year.

Reality: You actually can make a whole blood donation every eight weeks and/or donate platelets up to 24 times a year. We max whole blood donations to 5 times a year as a measure to protect the health of frequent blood donors. More rest within donations helps replenish your red blood cells and iron, which also lowers the chance of a deferral at your next appointment.

Myth: Somebody else will do it.

Reality: In 2019, the number of donations in South Texas was at its second-lowest level in five years, but the need for donations went up along with population growth.

Myth: The “regular” blood donors keep up the supply.

Reality: The largest percentage of donors in 2019 – 66% — gave just one time, and the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center experienced the typical seasonal shortages during the holidays and the summer break when students are out of school.

Myth: My extra donation won’t matter.

Fact: In 2019, if just half the one-time donors had given once more, donations would have topped 140,000 – more than enough to meet local demand.

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Correction, June 22: Added explanation in blood donation limits.

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