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National Blood Donor Month celebrates saving lives

Community encouraged to commit to giving in 2023

In January, we celebrate National Blood Donor Month to thank the 7 million blood donors in the United States and encourage others to save lives as well. This month serves as a reminder to healthy, eligible individuals to donate in the new year. When you donate blood 4 times per year, you can save 12 lives.

“We want to thank all of our generous donors for their lifesaving gift,” said Adrienne Mendoza, COO of South Texas Blood & Tissue. “In the new year, we should all resolve to become regular blood donors and there’s no better time to start than during National Blood Donor Month.”

One donor who is committed to donating at least 4 times in the upcoming year is Laura Burress.

Laura has donated more than 1 gallon of blood and will reach her second gallon at her next donation. Laura became a dedicated blood donor after she needed blood to save her life when her family was in a tragic car collision. The accident killed her mother and ejected her father from the car. Laura suffered a broken foot and numerous lacerations on her face, arms and chest. Massive bleeding meant Laura needed many blood transfusions.

Donors can donate every eight weeks starting in January and commit to donate every season this year as part of an act of kindness. We encourage all eligible donors to step into one of our friendly neighborhood donor centers or mobile blood drives regularly in 2023. Together we can deliver hope to patients and their families.

Donors wishing to help can make an appointment to donate at one of our nine donor centers or at a community blood drive. To schedule, visit or call 210-731-5590.