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Blood donors to receive special, Fiesta rewards for April donation

Everything’s bigger in Texas. South Texas Blood & Tissue is celebrating donors and Fiesta with huge, collectible medals.

To celebrate Fiesta, all blood donors in April will receive the exclusive South Texas Blood & Tissue 2023 Fiesta medal. Measuring nearly one foot long, the medal is a statement piece for collectors.

This year’s medal features different blood types, so each donor will be able to personalize their medal to their type, as well as the double-heart logo, and the phrase “You give. They live.”

Heroes in Arms (HIA) donors, who are part of an elite group of O-positive whole blood donors, will receive their own specialized South Texas Blood & Tissue medal.

HIA donors, whose donations are used on emergency vehicles or Level 1 trauma centers, will receive medals featuring an emergency helicopter. The helicopter represents one of the locations where patients in dire need of a blood transfusion may receive treatment before arriving at the hospital.

“Fiesta is always a time for celebration, and we want to celebrate our generous blood donors who are saving lives every day,” said Adrienne Mendoza, Chief Operating Officer, South Texas Blood & Tissue.

The community blood supply normally declines this time of year. With upcoming Fiesta celebrations, which tend to interrupt the usual schedule of donations and an increase in accidents that may require blood transfusions, more donation appointments are necessary to meet the needs of local patients.

South Texas Blood & Tissue, which serves more than 100 hospitals in 48 counties, has seen the need for blood increase by 15% since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Donations have not kept up with demand. Accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients, and those undergoing treatment for cancer or sickle cell disease require regular transfusions.

Donors are encouraged to schedule a donation at or call 210-731-5590.

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