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Culture & Diversity

Fulfilling our promise as a healthcare organization takes diversity and inclusion. Team members from every corner and level of BioBridge Global are dedicated to that mission.

I just love my job, knowing that what I do plays a part in saving lives every day.

Laboratory Support, Atlanta

I love the simple fact that my job is always changing. One day we’re working on tests for specific viruses, and the next day I’m looking at things related to stem cells. And we’re always coming up with something new.

Research and Development

What motivates me? I have a great deal of respect for the organization and the people in the organization. They believe in our mission.

Quality and Compliance

I like the challenge of coming up with creative ideas to create or improve business procedures.

Information Technology Services

I’m thrilled to be part of the convalescent plasma program. I love helping people anyway, and now I can work with people who are saving lives with their donations.​

Donor Services Mobile Operations​

There’s something new to learn every single day. My job is critical in delivering new information to everyone on a regular basis.

Laboratory Services

What keeps me motivated is the idea that I can be better every day, that every day is an opportunity to learn or do something new.

Donor Recruitment

I have a love-love relationship with this organization. We are family.

BioMedical Operations