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May 2021
The Blood & Tissue Center Foundation
Board Member Spotlight

Erin Nichols-Schulz

What inspired you to join the Blood & Tissue Center Foundation Board? 

I joined the Blood & Tissue Center Foundation because I wanted to make a difference in our community. Cancer has touched my life many times, especially within the last 10 years. My mother passed away from ovarian cancer in 2013 and my godfather passed away from leukemia in 2011. When I started my career as a TV news reporter, it was important to me to cover stories that spread awareness about cancer, particularly about cancer research and early detection. This led me to start a relationship with the wonderful team at the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center. From covering blood drives to helping to educate folks about bone marrow donation – I came to know so many incredible people who were all fighting for the same cause – saving lives. It is because of these people, and my family members, that I wanted to join the board.

What do you like to do? 

It’s always rewarding for me to be able to put my background and experience to work for the board – whether that’s emceeing an event or recruiting a TV news personality or a city leader to help further our cause. I also enjoy the networking benefits on being on the board and making new friends.

What motivates you?

Through my reporting, I covered many stories of people fighting cancer. They needed a bone marrow transplant or a blood transfusion, and through their own need they were working to spread awareness. Many of these people were children, teens, or young parents. Many of them passed away, but I will always remember them. I carry them in my heart and will always feel inspired by their will, strength, and perseverance to make a positive change in the lives of others. They are heroes. 

What are your most cherished moments or greatest accomplishments of your time on the board and what you are looking forward to in the upcoming year? 

I have really enjoyed serving as the emcee at previous galas and working on a team to fundraise. Serving on Team Delaine in 2019 was such a fun experience! But one of my most cherished moments occurred during the gala in 2018. I had the opportunity to reunite with the mother of Rowan Windham, who passed away after a long fight against childhood cancer. I met Rowan and covered his cancer journey when I was a reporter. Seeing one another brought tears to both our eyes and reminded me why I joined the board. I hope I can continue to be of service to the board in any way possible, and I look forward to when we can resume our galas and in-person events!

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