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Apheresis Services

Since 2009, our apheresis center has helped patients by collecting cells for lifesaving treatments and research. We work closely with biotech and pharmaceutical partners to support clinical trials through drug development, approval and commercialization.

Apheresis donor

End-to-End Capabilities

Experts maintain and grow a local registry of healthy and disease-specific donors, who are informed about opportunities to participate and willing to be contacted. 

  • Team of recruiters 
  • Donor registry
  • Patient consent
  • Recruit unique target population
  • Clinical research education

Licensed nurses and physicians work with donors to confirm eligibility to prepare them for collection

  • Informed consent
  • Field form
  • Blood testing
  • Vein assessment
  • Physical exam
  • Coordinate collection dates
  • Oversight and organization of donor experience

Recognized as a Center of Excellence, we perform cGMP collections, testing and shipping within our enterprise quality management system

  • Mononuclear cells (Leukopaks)
  • Mobilized PBSCs
  • Granulocytes
  • Bone marrow processing
  • Antibody positive plasma & serum
  • Courier and shipping capabilities

Testing Services

Our facility houses an onsite AABB accredited and CLIA approved testing laboratory compliant with U.S. and multiple international agencies. Our laboratory services include:

  • Donor Screening
    • ELISA
    • PCR nucleic acid testing
  • Cell Enumeration and Characterization
    • Hematology analyzer (RBCs, WBCs, nRBCs)
    • Flow cytometry characterization and viability assays
    • Colony forming units
  • Safety and Purity
    • qPCR nucleic acid testing
    • Advanced microbiology testing capabilities to include mass spectrometer
    • ELISA

We also have a full Immunohematology Reference Laboratory and our Research & Development team supports custom assay development.

Commitment to Quality
Quality has been a guiding principle within our organization for almost 50 years.

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Latest News

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