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In Honor of Scott

You can help people like Scott!

In April 2021, Scott was cutting metal with a hand held grinder when the disc exploded and shot through his arm. Blood donors saved his life!

How do blood donations help trauma victims?

"I truly believe in my mind that early blood transfusions made a difference in me being alive and here today. If I didn't receive blood that quickly, my thought is that I wouldn't have made it, and if I did make it that I would have a lot more health complications than I do."
Scott Mussey
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Scott's life was saved by a Brothers in Arms donor.

Brothers in Arms allows emergency teams to transfuse trauma patients with special type O positive blood at the scene.

How STBTC is Keeping Donors Safe

For your safety, we have implemented several safety protocols at every blood drive and donor center. For more information about our protocols and about the coronavirus, visit:

Want to save time?

On the day of your donation: fill out your health questionnaire online before your appointment. Click here to access the form.

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