REPROCELL and BioBridge Global sign Memorandum of Understanding to accelerate global manufacturing services using clinical iPSCs

Validation of a Human Anti-Tetanus Toxoid IgC Immunoassay for Tetanus Hyperimmune Programs

Development of In Vitro Potency Assay to Assess the Effect of T-Cells to Kill Cancer Cells

Development of a Competency Assessment Tracker and Training Dashboard Smartsheets

Development of a Career Progression Framework for a Donor Screening Laboratory

A Facile High-Throughput Model of Surface-Independent Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms by Spontaneous Aggregation

Nano-biofilm Arrays as a Novel Universal Platform for Microscale Microbial Culture and High-Throughput Downstream Applications

First Zika-positive donations in the continental United States

Validation of a Commercial Immunoassay for Detecting Hepatitis B Surface Antibody in Human Immune Globulin Products

Validation of Commercial Immunoassays for Detecting HBsAg and HIV Antibodies in Production Pools

Implementation of a Sample Catalogue Storage System

Implementation of Automation in a High-Throughput Production Laboratory

Comparison of Qualitative Versus Quantitative PCR Safety Assays

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