REPROCELL and BioBridge Global sign Memorandum of Understanding to accelerate global manufacturing services using clinical iPSCs

Unique Community-Centered Collaboration to Create COVID-19 Safety Zones

Development of An Automated Reactive Rate Metrics Dashboard

Qualifying Blood Screening NAT Assays for Safety Testing of Cellular Based Therapeutics

Sars-CoV2 Antibody Testing: A Comparison of Two Assay Platforms to Designate Convalescent Plasma as High Titer

Sensitivity and specificity of a new automated system for the detection of hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C virus, and human immunodeficiency virus nucleic acid in blood and plasma donations

Frequent detection of the parvoviruses, PARV4 and PARV5, in plasma from blood donors and symptomatic individuals

First report of human immunodeficiency virus transmission via an RNA-screened blood donation

A novel Escherichia coli lipoprotein expression vector

Candida albicans biofilm chip (CaBChip) for high-throughput antifungal drug screening

High-throughput nano-biofilm microarray for antifungal drug discovery

High-throughput screening of a collection of known pharmacologically active small compounds for identification of Candida albicans biofilm inhibitors

Screening a Commercial Library of Pharmacologically Active Small Molecules against Staphylococcus aureus Biofilms

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