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South Texas Blood & Tissue’s Medical Director presents on blood shortages and utilization

To combat blood shortages, South Texas Blood & Tissue’s Medical Director proposed the latest ways for hospitals and blood centers to work together.  

Dr. Samantha Gomez Ngamsuntikul presented to Citizens Medical Center in Victoria, Texas on March 30 about improving blood supply, transfusion practices and whole blood programs. 

“Hospitals and blood centers can work together in many ways to find innovative strategies for blood donation as well as blood utilization,” Ngamsuntikul said. 

Her presentation highlighted solutions to market trends of an aging blood donor base, increased demand for blood, and regulatory changes leading to less platelet donations. 

Hospitals are coping with blood shortages with strategies like transfusing only what is necessary, using Type A plasma in massive transfusion situations, and transfusing out-of-group platelets. The solutions South Texas Blood & Tissue is focusing on include expanding donor center locations, innovative marketing techniques, and the Heroes in Arms donor program

A subsidiary of BioBridge Global, South Texas Blood & Tissue distributes blood, plasma, platelets, and other components to regional hospitals and emergency first responders. It also provides starting materials to therapeutic developers. 

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