David McCoy

When it came to giving, David was often the first in line to help, no matter the time of day.

“A lot of people expressed how they could rely on him and he was there to help them through so many things when they were in need,” said Cathy, David’s wife.

His kind-hearted nature came from being surrounded by loving friends and family, especially his mother.

“She loved him unconditionally,” Cathy said. “Her care and love really formed him to a kind-hearted person—very sensitive, very loving and very caring.”

David also left an impression on many young basketball players. Having been a star high school basketball player, he loved the sport and would go to games even if he didn’t have a child playing.

“A lot of kids said he would go to their games and coach them, encourage them, support them,” Cathy said. “They were going to miss him when they were playing.”

His love of basketball carried over to his daughter, Natalie, who plays at Austin College. In fact, she was the MVP in the ‘Roos championship game last year. The name “McCoy” is engraved on the side of her championship ring.

“To see that name etched on that ring, his legacy really lives on forever,” Cathy said.

When David passed away unexpectedly on July 4, 2016, he gave one more lasting gift—his tissue donation gave up to 75 people hope and healing.

When Cathy looks back on the moment when she decided that David would be a donor, she is grateful that his gift continues.

“It was just part of him and how he lived when he was alive, so why not continue that gift of being caring and loving as he passed.”