November 1, 2013
What are you thankful for? We’re thankful for all of our donors. They’re all special. Our donors stand up to be counted on when patients need their help. They’re the kind of people who give of themselves. They stand in line in all types of weather at our mobile blood drives. They schedule appointments to donate platelets. They answer “Yes” to donating marrow or stem cells. They donate their child’s cord blood to one day cure someone. Some donors, even after they’ve passed away, donate as their last wish. Their final donation helps patients who need tissue transplants to lead healthier lives. Yes, our donors are truly wonderful individuals.
May 2, 2013


Sometimes, there seems to be only bad news on television. After a sad week in April, when two tragedies struck our Nation, a lot of us were glued to our TV sets, phones, and computers. Each of us witnessing minute-by-minute reports. 

However, a particular quote was being shared and retweeted on social media while those two events were happening. “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping."

Mr. Fred Rogers said that and still rings true today.

Immediately after those events, first responders stepped up and did their duty courageously, and after both events, donors immediately answered the call for blood.

February 26, 2013

The first use of an anesthetic in surgery can be traced to one doctor’s compassion and the curious after effects of a recreational drug.

In the early 1800s, “laughing gas parties” became the rage among certain sectors of the upper class. The wealthy inhaled ether (nitrous oxide) as a party favor. The gas produced contrasting outcomes. Some enjoyed a state of euphoria accompanied by uproarious laughter. Others fell into a stupor and then fell to the floor. They often received injuries but felt no pain or even remembered what had happened.

October 30, 2012
Here are six types of donors we’d like to thank during this Thanksgiving season.
  1. Long-time donors.  South Texas Blood & Tissue Center has many people who have donated for years and years. They donate as often as they can and are so regular you could set your calendar by them.  They have saved literally hundreds of lives.
  2. First-time donors.  Even the long-time donors had to start somewhere. Any new experience has to be a bit scary. And no one is particularly fond of needles. So, we’re grateful for those who decide to give it a try. They recognize a little discomfort is minor compared to the chance to save another’s life. These first-timers may soon become long-timers.
  3. Donors who make appointments.  For platelet donation, an appointment is a necessity, but many of our blood donors use the donor website and schedule their donation. This helps us organize our day and keeps things running smoothly.
August 1, 2012

School supplies. Blood supply. If only they could be handled the same way.

Each August, stores bulge with back-to-school articles. For students, having all new items – crayons, pencils, notebooks, binders – fills them with a sense of excitement about starting the new year. School districts know that the best, if not the only, time to collect is at the start of the school year. Then they draw from these supplies for the next 10 months. 

But blood components can’t be collected just once a year. Blood is a living substance which loses its viability after time. Blood centers must collect components every day. In particular demand is the component called platelets.