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Host a Donation Event

It's in our community's heart to give

Each blood donation has the potential to save three lives – imagine how many can be saved at a community-wide event!

Hosting an event gives you the opportunity to rally your community together to make a lasting impact. 

Why should you host a donation event?

Blood drives have been seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only have donors been unable to give due to illness and quarantine, but more than 1,000 drives have been lost as businesses, schools and other organizations canceled drives because of the pandemic.

Sadly, disease and trauma will not wait for a cure for COVID-19 and your support ensures that treatments will continue. Blood donations are needed for patients, from cancer to trauma to childbirth.

The South Texas Blood & Tissue Center has put numerous protocols in place to keep donors safe, from mandatory masks for staff to COVID-19 testing of staff to social distancing.

How to get started:

Click the button below or call us at 210-249-GIVE to get started.

Our consultants will help you select a date and location for your drive to take place.

From there, they will walk you through the entire process, from helping you fill out the right paperwork to tips on how to get more people involved.

How to plan a successful event:

About Us

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For more than 45 years, the nonprofit South Texas Blood & Tissue Center has focused on a critical purpose: to save and improve lives.

Inspired by a group of physicians, our organization was formed to provide blood to the South Texas region – ensuring a safe and adequate blood supply through proper testing, storage and distribution to hospitals. This essential service allows front-line workers to focus on the direct care of patients, with confidence that this lifesaving resource will be there when it’s needed most.

But we didn’t stop there. Over the years, we’ve evolved as the needs of our patients and hospitals have changed, driven to save lives in as many ways as possible.

We couldn’t do this without donors like you. We understand that the gift of donation is a personal, powerful choice that has the potential to touch a life. Today, we offer many ways to make a difference that include:

Our team has also expanded its programs, partnering with leaders within the healthcare industry to develop a wide range of therapies. We’ve recently developed programs to collect and distribute COVID-19 convalescent plasma, as well as improve trauma care.